At Ascent County, our customers can also opt for construction of Villas, where we provide the several options of standard design and construction, all under one roof, making home construction a pleasure.

Living spaces are designed with a passion towards creating an experience home using your lifestyle as a blueprint. We provide for a standard of living that entwines itself smoothly with the ways of nature, while working towards a distinctly luxurious way of life.

The delightful open areas create a community atmosphere. With landscaped gardens, apart from ample green area dedicated to each plot, the project intends to create a picture perfect home for you.

The interior & exterior finish of the spacious Villas, make them instantly desirable.

Providing all the amenities that make for a comfortable lifestyle, your abode near Ascent County shall be nothing but perfect!!


» Villa Specifications (pdf)
» Villa Costing & Payment Terms (pdf)
» Floor Plans available on request

Type(1) - 1200 sq.ft. East Facing

Type(2) - 1200 sq.ft. West Facing

Type(3) - 1200 sq.ft. East Facing

Type(4) - 1500 sq.ft. West Facing

Type(5) - 2400 sq.ft. East Facing

Type(6) - 4000 sq.ft. East Facing

Type(7) - 4000 sq.ft. East Facing